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Danish cyclist Rasmus Bøgh Wallin won the Tartu GP stage and the whole Tour of Estonia

The final stage of Tour of Estonia 2023 was run like last year - on a 10.3 km long Tartu city loop, which had to be completed for 16 times (164.8 km). On the last lap, the Dane Rasmus Bøgh Wallin showed his strength and secured the yellow jersey and the overall victory of the tour.

Various larger groups made a breakaway for several times, and a group of 12 went to the last lap. About 3 km before the finish, Rasmus Bøgh Wallin (Restaurant Suri - Carl Ras), who started today's stage from fourth place, got away from this group. He managed to enjoy a solo finish with a seventeen-second gap in front of the chasers. "Today was a good day, my teammates protected me from the wind, and I was able to make that attack later - so a very good day for us", said the winner at the press conference on the podium.


The winner's teammate Mathias Alexander Larsen took the second place in the stage, crossing the finish line slightly before the Maloja Pushbikers rider Matias Malmberg.

"On such a lap it was difficult to control the race, most of the time we were able to do it, but in the end when the last large group of riders left, the tour leader (Fortin) unfortunately couldn't go with us. I tried to make the most of the situation, but of course as a team we are not happy with the result when we start the day with a yellow jersey and finish without it." said Malmberg, who finished second overall.


Norman Vahtra, who represented the Estonian National Team, finished third overall.

"I am very satisfied that we were able to force our tactics, make the race difficult and put the leader in a difficult situation. But there are mixed feelings because at the end we lacked realization. I played a bit of poker there because I couldn't react to every attack, and unfortunately one guy got away from the front in the end, and as the others were not fast enough, that's how the race was decided," confirmed Vahtra.


In the team ranking, the team Restaurant Suri - Carl Ras, home team of the winner, took the first place, the Dutch Roy Eefting (Maloja Pushbikers) was able to retain the title of the king of the mountains, and Rasmus Bøgh Wallin, who wore the leader's jersey on the podium, also won the points classification.


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The popular race 42. Tartu Rattaralli will take place tomorrow, where more than 3,000 riders are expected to start. Among others, many teams that took part in the Tour of Estonia, are also at the start, among them Estonian, Latvian and Swedish National Team. Tartu Rattaralli also belongs to the UCI Gran Fondo World Series calendar.


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Photo: Tour of Estonia Stage 2 winner. Author Adam Illingworth

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