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Article 1. Organization

Tour of Estonia 2022 is organized by Club Tartu Maraton (Laulupeo pst 25, 51007 Tartu, Estonia, ph: +372 7421 644, e-mail: under the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI CR). It is to be held from 26.05.2022 to 28.05.2022. The race consists of prologue and 2 stages.

Race Director is Mr. Indrek Kelk, ph: +372 7421 644; e-mail:


Article 2. Type of event

The event is open to athletes of the ME and MU categories. It is entered on the UCI Europe Tour calendar as a class 2.1 event.


In conformity with the article 2.10.008 of the UCI CR points for the UCI Europe Tour ME and MU ranking are awarded as follows:



 Final classification 

 Prologue and stages 

 Wearing the race leader's jersey per stage 









































13-15 5    
16-25 3    


Article 3. Participation and registration

Tour of Estonia 2022 is open to UCI World Teams (max 50%), UCI Pro Teams, UCI Continental Teams, UCI Cyclo-Cross Professional Teams and National teams as per UCI CR art. 2.1.005.

As per UCI CR art. 2.2.003 the teams must be formed of minimum 5 and maximum 7 riders.


Confirmation about accepting the invitation and preliminary registration on correctly filled UCI entry form should be sent by fax or e-mail to the organiser by March 31st, 2022 at the latest. Final confirmation of starters takes place in Hotel Ülemiste conference hall (address: Lennujaama tee Str 2, Tallinn) on 26.05.2022 at 8:00–9:30.


Article 4. Race headquarters

In Tallinn the race headquarters is open on 25.05.2022 from 17:00 to 20:00 at Hotel Ülemiste conference centre (address: Lennujaama tee Str 2, Tallinn) and on 26.05.2022 from 8:00 to 12:00 at Hotel Ülemiste car park.


In Tartu the race headquarters is open on 27.05.2022 from 12:00 to 19:00 and on 28.05.2022 from 9:00 to 19:00 and is located at the start and finish area (next to Aura Centre, Turu Str 10, Tartu).


On 26.05.2022 and 27.05.2022 the mobile race office will be open at the start and finish areas of the stages starting 1,5 hours before the start and closing 1 hour after the finish.


Team representatives are requested to confirm their starters and collect the race numbers at the Hotel Ülemiste conference hall (address: Lennujaama tee Str 2, Tallinn) on 26.05.2022 from 8:00 to 9:30.


The team managers’ meeting, organized in accordance with the article 1.2.087 of the UCI regulations, in the presence of the Members of the Commissaires’ Panel, is scheduled for 26.05.2022 at 10:00 in Hotel Ülemiste conference hall (Lennujaama tee Str 2, Tallinn).

Article 5. Starting order for prologue

The starting order for the prologue, according to UCI CR 2.6.023 shall be determined by the organiser in agreement with the commissaires panel; each team shall determine the order in which its riders shall start. The riders will start with 30 second intervals. Nevertheless, the Commissaires Panel may modify that order to avoid two riders of the same team riding consecutively.


NB! On the prologueonly normal road bikes are allowed. No specialized time trial equipment (bikes, handlebars, helmets) can be used!


Article 6. Radio-tour

Race information will be broadcast throughout each stage. The allocated frequency will be provided at the team managers’ meeting.

Handout of radio transmitters to team managers will take place every day at the starting area one hour before the start. Each team manager must sign the delivery sheet at receiving and returning of the transmitters, as well as to pay the security deposit 50 €. Transmitters must be returned immediately after each stage.

Article 7. Neutral technical support

The neutral support is taken care of by means of: 3 neutral technical service cars and 1 neutral service motorbike.

Article 8. Bonuses

Bonuses, under the articles UCI CR 2.6.019 to 2.6.029, will be awarded as follows:

  • Intermediate sprints:      3” – 2” – 1”
  • Stages:                         10” – 6” – 4”
  • Prologue:                      no bonuses on individual time trial stage


Article 9. Finishing time limits

Taking into account the characteristics of each stage, the finishing time limits have been set as follows:  

1. stage – 8%

2. stage – 12%

In exceptional cases only, unpredictable and of force majeure, the Commissaires Panel may extend the finishing time limits after consultation with the organiser according to the UCI CR art. 2.6.032.

Article 10. Classification

The race has 5 separate classifications:


10.1. General Individual Classification on time
General classification on time is decided by adding together the time taken by the riders on each stage, less any time bonuses and plus any time penalties. The rider leading this competition after the prologue will wear the yellow leader jersey and receive a daily award. In the event of equality of time, the leading rider will be decided in accordance with the UCI CR art. 2.6.015.


10.2. General Individual Classification on points
The Points General Classification is decided by adding together the points awarded at each intermediate sprint and at each stage finish. The rider with the highest number of points, who completes the whole race, is the winner of the General Points Classification.


The points are awarded as follows:
Stage finishes: 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 - 1
Intermediate sprints: 3 – 2 - 1


After the 1st stage the winner will wear green points jersey. In the event of equality, the leader will be the rider with most stage wins or failing that, first places in the intermediate sprints counting for this classification. Failing that, the highest placed rider in the general classification by time will be the leader as indicated in UCI CR 2.6.017.


10.3. King of the Mountains (KOM)
Best climber is decided by points awarded on each designated climb.
Points are allocated at each KOM sprint as follows: 3 – 2 - 1 to the 3 first riders.


After the 1st stage, the leader will wear red mountain jersey. The leader will be the rider with the most points awarded on designated climbs. In the event of equality, the leader shall be decided in accordance with UCI CR art. 2.6.017.


10.4. The Best Young Rider Classification on overall time
The best young rider classification is open to riders born after 1st of January 2000.
The best young rider is decided by adding together the time taken by eligible riders on each stage, less any time bonuses and plus any time penalties. The rider leading this competition after the 1st stage will wear the white young rider’s jersey and receive a daily award. In the event of equality of time, the leading rider will be decided in the same manner as the overall general classification by time.


10.5. Team Classification on overall time

The Team award is decided on the total time of the first three individual times in the team on each stage, excluding time bonuses. If there is equality on time the leader will be decided in accordance with UCI CR art. 2.6.016.


Jerseys awarded by the Organization must be worn for the duration of the following stage. For holders of more than one jersey at a time, the jersey to be worn shall be that with the highest ranking order of presence and the other jersey(s) shall be worn by the second placed rider in the relevant classification.

Article 11. Prizes

The following prizes are awarded (in euros):




Place Prologue 1st stage 2nd stage Overall classifiaction
1st 1043 2142 2142 2665
2nd 511 1085 1085 1345
3rd 259 532 532 665
4th 130 270 270 335
5th 109 221 221 275
6-7th 81 158 158 200
8-9th 56 109 109 140
10-20th 28 56 56 70



  Prologue Per stage
Leader 200 200
Points - 100
Mountain - 100
Young 100 100


11.3. SPRINTS and KOM sprints


Per sprint






Points Mountain



















A grand total of 23 663 € will be awarded in prize money at the event.


All prizes named in Article 11 will be paid out less Estonian personal income tax and mandatory deductions listed in UCI Financial Obligations. Payments will be managed via the UCI Centralized Prize Money Management Platform (CPM) as set in article 1.2.071 and 1.2.072 of the UCI CR. 

Article 12. Antidoping

The UCI antidoping regulations are entirely applicable to the event.

The antidoping tests will take place as follows:

  • Prologue: Tallinna Song Festival Grounds (Narva mnt 95, Tallinn)
  • 1st stage: Aura Centre (Turu Str 10, Tartu);
  • 2nd stage: Aura Centre (Turu Str 10, Tartu).


Article 13. Awards ceremony

In accordance with the article 1.2.112 and 2.6.018 of the UCI CR, the following riders must attend the official awards ceremony:

  •  The winner of the stage
  •  The leaders in General, Points, Mountains and Best Young Rider classifications.

The riders will present themselves at the podium in a time limit of maximum 10 minutes after crossing the finish line.

Moreover, at the general finish of the event, the following riders must also present themselves at the final awards ceremony:

  •  The first 3 of the event
  •  The winners in the Points, Mountains and Best Young Rider classifications.
  • • The winner of the team classification (at least three riders and the Team manager are requested for this ceremony).


Article 14. Penalties

The UCI penalty scale is the only one applicable.

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