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Austrian Brändle triumphed in Tour of Estonia’s prologue

Reigning Austrian champion in time trial, Matthias Brändle, won the prologue of this year’s Tour of Estonia (UCI 2.1) on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

Photo: Adam Illingworth

Brändle finished the tough 3,7 km long prologue’s course with a time of 5 minutes and 26,143 seconds. Pole Maciej Paterski (Wibatech Merx 7R) finished second and Peeter Pruus (Estonian national team) third. They lost to Brändle 9,087 and 9,143 seconds respectively.


Brändle’s that sort of a dominance shouldn’t be a big surprise, because, for an example, he finished second in Giro d’Italia’s time trial three years ago.


„I knew I had good legs today. I tried to make some time on straights and not to risk at the corners. I’m very happy, but obviously we now try to win the GC on Sunday – whether it’s me, Mihkel Räim or Rudy Barbier,“ Brändle said after the prologue.


Check out today’s results from HERE.


Tour of Estonia will continue tomorrow with a traditional Tallinn-Tartu GP (187 km). The tour ends on Saturday with Tartu GP, which takes place on the streets of Estonia’s second biggest city Tartu. There will be a total of 18 laps on a 9,6 km loop that will make together 172,8 km long distance.

On Sunday, 26th of May the biggest road cycling race in Eastern Europe, the 38th Tartu Road Race (or Tartu Rattaralli), will take place. The Tartu Road Race is not part of the Tour of Estonia, being a separate 124/56 km race with close to 4000 participants. Many pro cyclists from the Tour of Estonia will also take part in the Tartu Road Race.


Info about the live broadcasting of Tour of Estonia and Tartu Rattaralli HERE.

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