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29. мая 2021
Today cyclists rode the final stage of the Tour of Estonia, Tartu Grand Prix. The Estonian National team performed excellent – Martin Laas won the Tartu stage and overall victory went to Karl Patrick Lauk.
29. мая 2021
Watch LIVE results from HERE .
28. мая 2021
Tomorrow the second stage of the Tour of Estonia will take place - Tartu Grand Prix. According to the current rules in Estonia, the spectators are not allowed.

Для зрителей


Due to the covid restrictions, spectators are not allowed on this year's cycling tour!


You are welcome to watch the LIVE broadcast either on FB page of Tour of Estonia or on  


The webcast goes live 10 minutes before each start:


  • Friday, May 28th at 10:50 am
  • Saturday, May 29th at 1:50 pm
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